Kuban State Medical University (KSMU)

Kuban State Medical University is one of the oldest medical educational establishments in the South of Russia, located at Krasnodar. In 1994 according to the decree of the Russian Government the Institute got the status of Academy. It started to train foreign students in early sixties. Within 73 years of the academy's life more than 35,000 doctors of various specialties and 5000 foreigners from 65 countries of the world were graduated from it. Since 2005, Kuban State Medical Academy is accredited by the status of "university" and is a public institution of higher professional education. Kuban State Medical University is a rating of the top ten medical schools in Russia. Kuban State Medical University is accredited for 5 years with the establishment of the state status of the type of "institution of higher education" type "university."

Kuban State Medical University is among the five universities in Russia, working with biological material. Parallel to this, the university develops a phantom study. Center for State Educational Institution skills KubGMU Health Ministry of Russia is based on interdepartmental phantom class in 2009 and is designed for practical classes, and the current interim assessment and final state certification of the degree of development of practical skills of students, faculty and students of training and retraining of specialists. Create a skills center allows us to solve a crucial problem of medical education: master the skill of the doctor, without causing harm to the patient.

The Academy comprises educational buildings, four dormitories, a large library comprising 560000 volumes of scientific books and manuals for students, new student's canteen for 280 people, sports facilities and 7-storied Morphological building with lecture hall for 400 students. Eight departments are located in this modern building.

The academic staff of 600 is represented by 12 academicians of Russian and foreign academies of science, 65 doctors of medical sciences and 330 candidates of science. There are more than 5000 students at the Academy and among them more than 700 foreign students.

All known methods of training are used in the academy to educate doctors: lectures and practical classes, seminars and laboratory classes, observation of patients in the best medical establishments of the city, scientific and practical conferences, various thematic competitions and contests, research activities in the departments and several anatomic museums.

Equally with the organization of training there is scientific and research work. Various fundamental explorations and applied scientific researches are accomplished in the departments of the Academy. Vital scientific researches are made in the departments of microbiology, histology and normal physiology.

After the successful training and defending a thesis the graduate gets the degree PhD in respective specialties.

Period of training, depending on the specialty and form of training is from two to five years. Short-term training and advanced courses from one to twenty four months are also available in accordance with individual programme.

The school is very foreign friendly as well, with roughly 15 percent of students coming from outside Russia.


  • Faculty of Medical (6 years)
  • Faculty of Pediatric (6 years)
  • Faculty of Dental (5 years)
  • Faculty of Preventive Health (5 years)
  • Faculty of Pharmaceutical (5 years)
  • Faculty of Pre-university Faculty Training (1 year)
  • Faculty of Professional Development and Retraining of Specialists (2 years)