1 Kirov state medical academy

KSMA is an active participant of national research programs held under the supervision of Russian Ministry of Health Care and Russian academy of Medical Sciences . At present Academy takes part in such national projects as Public health and Education thus confirming its role in the reform of the system of health protection, globalization of higher medical education and practical realization of the Bologna declaration.

KSMA has already gained experience in international cooperation in joint research programs with such foreign countries as Germany, Great Britain and the USA. Another important sphere that is being developed is academic mobility. By now more than 400 students and researchers of KSMA have visited Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, China, Canada, the USA and some other countries on various academic purposes.

Academy has been an active participant of international conferences. By itself KSMA has organized more than 100 international conferences and workshops on actual problems of family medicine, urology, andrology, gynecology, minimally invasive surgery, hematology, therapy, neurology, cardiac surgery, hepatology, hepatic surgery, ophthalmology, ophthalmic surgery and dentistry. New methods of surgery are constantly being mastered. Basic laboratories take active part in international clinic tests.

KSMA has good scientific relationships with Kirov Research Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, Kirov Research Institute of Microbiology, Perm Medical Academy, Nizhny Novgorod Medical Academy, medical academies and medical research institutions of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

For nearly 25 years Academy has been training foreign students from various Asian, South American and African countries such as Azerbaijan, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Peru, Syria, Sudan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Congo, Georgia and others


  • Medicine (6 years)
  • Pediatrics (6 years)
  • Dentistry (5 years)
  • Pharmacy (5 years)
  • Nursing (5 years)
  • Public Health (5 years)
  • Post-graduate Education (2 years)
  • Preparatory Department (1 year)